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IRTG – Integrated Research Training Group


IRTG – Integrated Research Training Group (2013-2016)

Prof. Dr. Sabina Becker

The IRTG ensures that all affiliated PhD students conduct their research independently and successfully by helping them to maintain a high professional standard. With its programme, the IRTG combines clearly structured graduate studies with active supervision by the CRC’s senior researchers, and, simultaneously, guarantees its affiliates’ freedom for developing their own ideas and work on their research. The IRTG integrates all of its members into the research environment of the CRC and introduces them to a wide variety of career options both inside and outside academia.

Susanne Bernhardt
Kathrin Sandhöfer-Klesen
Merle Üding

The CRC has supported seven international scholars between 2013 and 2016 in conducting their PhD project with scholarships of up to 12 months.