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Equal Opportunity

The CRC 1015 Otium has realized a series of measures to promote equal opportunity for women and men on the levels of personnel, content, and structure. 

Gender was also a priority with regard to the content of the research to be conducted at the center, as gender issues play a key role in the forms of cultural performance of leisure. A major research objective was to identify the obstacles to creating spaces to cultivate forms of leisure and show how they are linked to the factor of gender.

On the structural level, promoting female junior researchers was a central concern of the Collaborative Research Center:

  • Individual coaching for female junior researchers.
  • Courses on presentation, voice training, gender sensitization etc. in cooperation with the other joint projects funded by the German Research Foundation.

A second important measure for promoting equal opportunity at the Collaborative Research Center focused on work-life balance:

  • Priority placement at daycare centers and preschools for the children of researchers at the Collaborative Research Center.
  • Individual childcare solutions on evenings and weekends as well as during conferences organized by the Collaborative Research Center.
  • A student assistant supports parents and those caring for family members.


Equal Opportunity Representative of SFB 1015:
Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Dr. h.c. Elisabeth Cheauré