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In the first funding period (2013-2016) the CRC 1015 consisted of 15 subprojects collaborating in the three research areas "Concepts", "Spaces" and "Figures". Additionally, all subprojects also joined one of the three working groups focusing on "Chronotopes", "Semantics" and "Otium and Society". The Intergrated Research Training Group (IRTG) facilitated the training and mentoring programme for the doctoral students while the Information Infrastructure (INF) provided and constantly developed the digital work environment and the data management for the entire CRC 1015.

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Research Areas and Subprojects

Research Area A: Concepts
Subproject Title Specific Field(s)
A1 Otiose Leisure as Spatial Freedom Philosophy,
History of Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Günter Figal
Department of Philosophy
A2 ‘Otium’ as a Way of Life in Late Antiquity: ‘Theoría’ and the Monastic Tradition Theology,
Ecclesiastical History and Patrology

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Böhm
Dr. des. Thomas Jürgasch
Department of Biblical and Historical Theology

A3 The Societal and Ethical Relevance of the Concept of
Muße / Leisure
Philosophy Prof. Dr. Lore Hühn Department of Philosophy
A4 Promoting Leisure (Muße), Creativity and Psychological Health: Applying Elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in a Grammar School Context Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical Psychology, Stress Prophylaxis Prof. Dr. Joachim Bauer
PD Dr. phil. Stefan Schmidt
University Medical Center
A5 Self-Transcendance in Otiose Leisure: Reconstructing and Transcending Sociology through Otiose Leisure Sociology

Prof. Dr. Manuela Boatca,
Dr. Alexander Lenger,
Prof. Dr. Hermann Schwengel
(†) Institute of Sociology


Research Area B: Spaces
Subproject Title Specific Field(s)
B1 Loci of Leisure in Greek and Roman Letters Classical Philology Prof. Dr. Bernhard Zimmermann
Department of Classical Philology
B2 Leisure Spaces in Courtly Residences: Topography and Form in Architecture and Nature Art History Prof. Dr. Hans W. Hubert
Department Of Art History
B3 ‘Performing Idleness’: British Theatre in the Eighteenth Century as a Space of Leisure, Idleness and Otium English Literature Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik
Department of English
B4 Leisured Travel vs. Tourism: Individualism and Deceleration in British Travel Writing between 1840 and 1914 English Literature Prof. Dr. Barbara Korte
Department of English
B5 Loci of Imaginary Communication: Functions of Otiose Leisure in Bibliographical, Anthological, and Anecdotal Literature (16th through 19th century) Modern German Literature Prof. Dr. Ralph Häfner
Department of German


Research Area C: Figures
Subproject Title Specific Field(s)
C1 Paradoxes of Leisure in the Middle Ages. Paradigms of Active Inactivity in Courtly and Mystical Literature Medieval German Studies Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hasebrink
Prof. Dr. Henrike Manuwald
Department of German
C2 Suspended Time and Narrational Spaces of Seclusion. Leisure and Authorship in Autobiographically Structured Narrative Romance Literature,
Modern German Literature

Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert
Department of Romance Languages and Literature
Prof. Dr. Dieter Martin
Department of German

C3 Figures of Idleness in 18th-Century British Colonial Discourse: Nabob, Nawaab, and ‘lazy native’ English Literature Dr. Miriam Nandi
Department of English
C4 Forced Leisure? Russia in the Nineteenth Century: Leisure and Gender Slavic Literature and Cultural Studies, Gender Studies Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr.
Elisabeth Cheauré

Department of Slavic Languages and Literature
C5 The Performativity of Leisure: Practices of Free time in Two Peasant Societies Social and Cultural Anthropology Prof. Dr. Gregor Dobler
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology



Research Area IGK
Subproject Title Head
IGK The Intergrated Research Training Group Prof. Dr. Sabina Becker
Department of German


Research Area INF
Subproject Title Heads
INF Information Infrastructure Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Böhm
Department of Biblical and Historical Theology
Dr. Antje Kellersohn
University Library
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider
University IT Services


Working Groups

Working Groups Theme Head(s)
Working Group 1 Chronotopes

Prof. Dr. Günter Figal
Prof. Dr. Hans W. Hubert

Working Group 2 Semantics

Prof. Dr. Monika Fludernik
Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert

Working Group 3 Otium and Society

Prof. Dr. Thomas Böhm
Prof. Dr. Gregor Dobler