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During the two periods of its funding, the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1015 studied various facets of otium. Scientific disciplines from six different faculties as well as the University's IT Services and the University Library participated in the collaborative research. After more than nine years of successful interdisciplinary research, the CRC's term ended in June 2022.




Transfer Project

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Research Profile

The CRC's publication series

Museum of Muße (otium) and Literature in Baden-Baden

Researching otium?

The CRC's research profile of the SFB at a glance

Otium. Studien zur Theorie und Kulturgeschichte der Muße

The transfer project participated in the establishment of the Muße Literature Museum in the Baden-Baden City Library


This website provides an overview of the Collaborative Research Centre, listing staff and sub-projects involved in the CRC, as well as publications and other research results. As of July 2022, the website is no longer being updated.