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Clara Sofie Kramer

Institut of Enviromental Social Sciences and Geography             

PhD student (03/2017-06/2022)

in sub-project P1
Experiencing Places and Moments of Otium in Contemporary European City Tourism

Dissertation project

Places of Muße in Contemporary Urban Tourism

As part of the sub-project P1, the PhD project examined which touristic places and practices enable travellers to experience moments of otiose leisure in contemporary urban tourism. In addition, the project discussed how places and practices of otium are discursively constructed in examples of travel literature, what distinguishes them from non-otium places or non-otium practices, as well as the importance of otium in urban tourism. One particularly interesting aspect concerned the tourism industry and its commercial offers for experiences of otiose leisure. Otium, in this context, was understood and reflected as a touristic and urban phenomenon.

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