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Ana Helena Palermo Kuss



Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftspolitik und Odnungstheorie

79085 Freiburg


Associated Member of the IRTG since 15.10.2017

Dissertation project

“Analyzing the Effects of Basic Income on Time Allocation and Productivity and Comparing its Policy Process within the Brazilian and German Welfare State Orders”

The PhD project is divided in two parts. The first one develops a theoretical model to discuss the possible effects of an unconditional basic income (UBI) on people’s time allocation. The second investigates the policy process of such a reform (introduction of UBI) in the welfare state orders of both Germany and Brazil. One of the arguments analyzed in the project is narrowly related to the idea behind the German word “Muße”. The work departs from a reformulation of the work-leisure dichotomy used to model people’s behavior concerning time allocation. This dichotomy is predominant in the economic sciences and is restrictive concerning the variety of ways in which we can invest our time. The idea of “Muße” is then used to guide this reformulation. The various meanings, which can be attached to this word, are also understood as the various meanings, which we can give to our time and which we can use to rethink this dichotomy.

Since October 2017, Ana Helena Palermo Kuss is an associate member at the collaborative research centre 1015 “Otium”. She focuses on the effects of basic income on time allocation during her time in Freiburg. Ana is doing her PhD in Economics at the University of Freiburg (thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Bernhard Neumärker). Her research centers on the discussion of the work-leisure dichotomy within the neoclassic labor model in economics and on the policy process of basic income within the Brazilian and German welfare state orders.