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Andreas Kirchner, Ph.D.


Working Area Ancient Church History

first funding period:
PhD student (1/2013-12/2016)

in sub-project A2
„‘Otium’ as a Way of Life in Late Antiquity: ‘Theoría’ and the Monastic Tradition“

second funding period:
in sub-project G1
"Otium – a Cultural Transfer between East and West. Transformations of Asceticism and Monasticism"


The project investigates the development of otium and ascetic concepts in the Middle East and the Far East of Late Antiquity. Looking at the different influences of multiple religions, forms of otium, especially in Nestorian Christianity, will be elaborated taking into account Jewish, Manichaean as well as other, Far Eastern forms of otium and asceticism. An additional strain of analysis will focus on the further development of otium in the Middle East with a view to Islamic Sufism. It will also be investigated whether (and to what extent) the concepts of otium had an impact on the formation of Sufi ways of thinking.