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Inga Wilke, M. A.

Inga Wilke

Department of Cultural Anthropology

PhD student (02/2017-06/2022)

in sub-project G6
Learning Otium? Leisure, Creativity and Deceleration in the Context of Performance Enhancement and Self-Improvement


Dissertation project

Sensing closely, doing less, taking time for oneself – Otium as a cultural and self-experiencing technique in current course offers of mindfulness and deceleration

By the ethnography of courses offered in a differentiated relaxation and mindfulness market, in which otium is taught in various formats (weekly, compact courses), using various techniques (mindfulness meditation, forest bathing, stay at a monastery), I regarded with an actor-centered perspective the phenomenon of 'otium courses' against the background of current social developments. In the context of the courses, otium is conceived as a cultural and self-experiencing technique, which should enable the reflection on and handling of experiences of time, work and health.

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