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Johannes Bernet

Musicological Seminar

PhD student
in sub-project R1
Otium and the Experience of Immersion in Music

Dissertation project

Immersion in music and sound art from 1950 until today

Within the musicological subproject R1, which examined musical immersion as a phenomenal manifestation of leisure (“Muße”), the dissertation project aimed to investigate discursive and artistic articulations of musical immersion in contemporary music and sound art from 1945 until today.
Artistic strategies for the articulation and intensification of immersive musical experiences can already be observed at the beginning of the second half of the 20th century. At the same time, reception attitudes that could be described as immersive are controversially debated. A further dimension is introduced to immersive musical experiences with the emergence of digital media technologies. The sociocultural effects of digital media immersion are affirmatively but also critically reflected in contemporary musical aesthetics.

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